Planning the Strategy

Elite Claims Management understands the importance of having a plan for defending a workers’ compensation claim. Statistics show most workers’ compensation cases are settled without the need for a formal hearing. However, this can be a stressful time for an employer due to the possibility of an unexpected outcome and unforeseen costs.

Everyone know defense attorney bills can quickly skyrocket, forcing costs for your workers’ compensation plan to also increase rapidly. Our claims management team has created a comprehensive policy to control litigation costs for our clients based on years of experience.


Managing Litigation Costs

We will effectively monitor and reduce litigation costs by following our proven strategies throughout the claims process. It is too late to start worrying about litigation costs after a claim has been referred to defense. Therefore, it is critical to start a diligent investigation immediately after a work-related injury. The steps put in place by our team from the beginning of the claim will provide beneficial time savings and reduce overall costs if the claim goes to litigation. Here are some of the steps taken to reduce costs with claims litigation:

  • Our analysts are thorough when collecting data at the start of the claim
  • Forms and documentation are reviewed for complete accuracy
  • We work with law firms that agree to standardized billing protocols
  • We can effectively reduce the number of billable attorney hours by not relinquishing control to the defense attorney
  • Our analysts are experts with the California Labor Code
  • Our analysts are proficient with the Workers Compensation Appeals Board (WCAB) adjudication process
  • Use of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) when needed

Elite Claims Management will never settle a workers’ compensation claim dispute without written authorization from our clients.