If a work-related injury or illness occurs at your company, there are several scenarios that the particular incident may fall into, including:

Incident or Report Only

  • No medical care was necessary – your option of reporting to TPA

First Aid

  • Requires one-time medical visit and one follow up visit
  • No lost time beyond the date of injury (DWC-1 is not required)

Medical Only

  • Medical care needed (DWC-1 is required)
  • Injury is not disputed
  • Injury is not litigated
  • No lost time
  • Full recovery and discharge is anticipated


May include one or more of the following:

  • Lost time (DWC-1 required)
  • Entitled to temporary disability, LC4850, or salary continuation benefits
  • Injury results in permanent disability
  • Potential for 3rd party subrogation
  • Delayed claim
  • Litigated claim

Future Medical

  • Claim has been settled and a need for future medical treatment was included within the settlement