Permanent Disability (PD) is defined by the State of California as any lasting disability from your work injury or illness that affects your ability to earn a living. If your injury or illness results in PD you are entitled to PD benefits, even if you are able to go back to work.

Most employees injured on-the-job fully recover from job injuries but some continue to have medical problems. However, PD benefits are limited and you may not recover all of your lost income. Here is more information to understand:

  • Determined at the time the injured worker is deemed Permanent & Stationary (P&S)
  • Compensation due per the AMA guidelines based on a doctor’s medical determination
  • PD rating formula is based on the injured worker’s diminished future earning capacity, age and occupation
  • Amount of compensation is established by the state PD rating schedule often rated by the Disability Evaluation Unit (DEU)
  • Payments due and payable after declared P&S (within 14 days)
  • Payments due and payable after temporary disability ends (within 14 days)
  • As of 01/01/2013, if the injured worker returns to work, PD payments are not due until an “award” is issued